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Calling in Your Soulmate Offer

Are you looking for your Soulmate?

Do you wonder who your Soulmate is?

Do you know what attributes you are looking for in your truest match?

How do you find your true love?

Can you feel him or her?

My name is Deb & I’ve done just that ~ called in my Soulmate. I could feel them. I had a wishlist of attributes that were important to me. I am a Shaman, Master Healer & Spiritual Mentor. My objective is to help empower you.

Let me help you call in your soulmate. We will go into a deep meditative state & begin your journey. I will talk you through an amazing journey of removing the obstacles that are holding you back, assist you in visualizing your life together & support you in experiencing the feeling of being with your Soulmate.

Calling In Your Soulmate 1.png

~ Become positively clear about what you want in a Soulmate

~ Learn how to align with your most compatible soulmate

~ Cut the ties that you may still have with your past partners & expectations

~ Clear & Open up your energy field to be able to become in alignment with your best soulmate

~ Assess & Clear what energies you are truly attracting & why

~ Identify & clear any challenges your heart & root chakras are holding regarding past & present relationships

~ Connect with your Higher Self to set your best intention for you best love match

Have questions? Let’s talk!

Love, Deb

Investment: $144 (Regular price $288 - 50% off Valentine’s Day Special)

Length of Journey: 60-90mins. Via Zoom ~ recorded for your records.

"Deb Is a powerful Intuitive Healer. She incorporates 34 years of experience in clinical psychology with her spiritual gifts and abilities facilitating lasting Soul level healing and transformation. Deb empowers her clients, helping them to take back what was lost and forgotten, reinstilling a sense of safety, stability and ownership over their lives and well being.”

LGBTQ Friendly

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