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Life can get pretty tough & hard to navigate.  We all get stuck.  My belief is that every one needs a mentor now & again.  Whether you are dealing with grief, depression, anxiety, sadness, loss of a job, loss of a loved one ~ human or pet, emotional pain, physical pain, sexual assault, emotional abuse, low self-esteem, &/or challenges at work .   


I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & am a Certified Child & Youth Worker.  I have 33 years of experience as a Clinician.  I've worked with the hard to serve, dual diagnosis population, youth, elderly, those with physical, emotional & mental health challenges.  I've worked one on one, mediator model (worked with the parents/grandparents & guardians to work with their loved ones to change behavior), in a psychiatric setting, group homes, individual homes, schools, nursing homes & hospitals.  I work with both teens & adults.

Above all I am a Shaman, Reiki Master, Akashic Record Facilitator & Channeler

who would like to EMPOWER you. 

Crisis Counselling:  Are you experiencing crisis in your life?  Dealing with grief, low self esteem?  On a waiting list & can't wait?  Need to talk to someone?  Questioning life?  Let's talk!

“A little backstory before I rave about Deb’s ability to serve you exactly as you need! My son has a history of anxiety and one night I joined in on his chaos. It ended in both of us being in crisis. After reaching out to a group on Facebook Deb reached out to me to jump on a call right then and there. Although I was asking for a reading from spirit, Deb was led to support my son and I in a way that I will forever be grateful for. She was able to stop my anxiety in its tracks by calming me through breathwork, and energetic grounding and connecting. She held my son in a protecting and loving cocoon. Once my son and I were cared for she facilitated a call that gave me a plan of action to implement that night. My son had a beautiful night sleep and woke up in a much calmer energy. In the days following Deb’s attentive care in her follow ups inspired me to keep going and continue the work we started on that call, and made me feel seen, heard and loved. She truly has a gift that needs to be experienced by all! Thank you Deb for all that you have done for me! I am forever grateful! “ Lauren K

Individual Counselling:  As a retired Clinician, I have many years experience of working with individuals of all ages to assist with both short term and long term counselling.  Subjects range from Inner Child Issues, Trauma, Abuse, Sexual Orientation, Anxiety & Depression.
"I am a father of two adult daughters, both of my daughters suffer from anxiety and mental health illness. Deb has worked with me to help me find who I am supposed to be.  I am supposed to be.  I'm the midst of being a supporting husband, fathers, and friend.  I have somewhat lost myself.  I cannot type enough words to describe what Deb had done for me.  Suffice to say, my life has changed for the better she entered my life.  I look forward to exploring my inner self with her guidance to become the person I was put on this earth to be." Bill G. 
Couples Counselling:  Are you struggling in your relationship?  Need help negotiating communication?  I am able to hold space for both of you as individuals as well as a couple.  You will gain new perspectives about each other, become more effective at both giving & receiving, as well as have a safe space to speak from the heart.  Let's work this out together!

"My marriage was in crisis when my wife and I started counseling with Deb.  I had just found out that my spouse was experiencing episodic trauma from PTSD which was causing some behaviors that were literally unraveling our marriage.  I was feeling hopeless.  


We started joint counseling sessions with Deb, and she helped explain the behaviors, unpack our fears and start the healing process by putting a roadmap in place for healing.  


I look forward to our calls and time together, and believe that we not only will heal but come out of this situation stronger.  Her background in counseling, psychology and connecting to the spirit allows her to help on a deep level. I’m forever grateful.  Highly recommend.  - Jason E."

Parent Consultation:  As a retired Behavior Consultant, I have 32 years experience in working with both children, teens, young adults & parents in negotiating & understanding concerning behavioral patterns.  I work with those with or without a cognitive delay.  I work with the parent in a moderator model ~ in other words, assisting the parents to encourage positive pro-social responses to routines, emotions, & co-operation.  I have specialites working with those who are affected by Autism and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).   

"I am so thankful and grateful for Deb’s excellent remote healing sessions. Our son has severe PTSD, OCD, ADHD and social anxiety. When Deb connects to his higher self remotely and works with him I see immediate changes in his severe issues. We still have a way to go with his healing but things are so much better and I am so appreciative we found Deb. I trust her and can attest to her skill. She has blown me away with her healing skills. She is also very loving and has the highest integrity." JV 

"Deb is incredible when it comes to children. A year ago I was having a very hard time with my son. He would not sleep alone, he was very defiant - life was hard. I naturally turned to Deb for help. She was able to tap in to him from the energetic perspective, as well as understand the psychology of children and their behavior from her clinical background. Let me tell you, after one session EVERYTHING changed. He now sleeps on his own. He is much calmer. We have a much better relationship. I am SO GRATEFUL to Deb for all her help!"  Mindy W.

Animal Communication & Healing:  Wondering why your pet is acting a certain way?  Having trouble with pets getting along?  I am able to connect with and analyze what is causing the behavior and assist you in creating a positive difference in your pet's life. 

"I brought home a rescue puppy this past summer. Everything was great at first, I didn’t even use a crate from ages 3-9months. I moved during this time, and as soon as we were in the new house his behavior changed for the worse. Very destructive behavior. Jumping, disobeying, deliberate obstinance even. Despite having a family dog my entire life, I was never solely responsible for the training and care of a baby pup, and I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I spoke with Deb after hearing about her service, and she was able to give me the answers I was seeking! She advised me of not only where the behavior was stemming from, but what I could do to change it. She helped me realize I wasn’t doing anything wrong (I felt like a bad dog mom for a bit) I just needed to modify my behaviors a bit. Deb is a kind, compassionate and talented person, and I highly recommend her services!"  Stephanie L.

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