Life can get pretty tough & hard to navigate.  We all get stuck.  My belief is that every one needs a mentor now & again.  Whether you are dealing with grief, depression, anxiety, sadness, loss of a job, loss of a loved one ~ human or pet, emotional pain, physical pain, sexual assault, emotional abuse, low self-esteem, &/or challenges at work .    

Perhaps you are looking to learn a new craft or expand your Spiritual Gifts.  

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & am a Certified Child & Youth Worker.  I have 32 years of experience as a Clinician.  I've worked with the hard to serve, dual diagnosis population, youth, elderly, those with physical, emotional & mental health challenges.  I've worked one on one, mediator model (worked with the parents/grandparents & guardians to work with their loved ones to change behavior), in a psychiatric setting, group homes, individual homes, schools, nursing homes & hospitals.  I work with both teens & adults.

Above all I am a Shaman, Reiki Master, Akashic Record Facilitator & Channeler

who would like to EMPOWER you. 


Each mentorship is priced according to needs & length of services.  

It would be my honor to connect with you!  Please book your free consultation below.

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