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Are you Ready to Start Your Journey?

  In consultation with Spirit, Deb determines which modality is utilized as part of the Mentorship Offering. Please find a list of the available therapies:
Sacred Soul Healing: A Soul Reading is a powerful tool to help you understand your soul’s purpose, deep desires and sacred truth.  With the support of the Ascended Masters, Angels, Teachers & Loved Ones, we exam what your soul is trying to tell you at your core.

"I received a Sacred Soul Reading from Deb  - it was a truly wonderful and special experience. Deb is so kind, empathetic and professional; she took the time to explain things, allowed me to have time for questions, she was right on all she said and even sent me beautiful images from my reading to inspire and meditate on. Thank you dear Deb."

Corrie King

Healing the Child Within: So many of us walk around with our "Inner Child" that has wounded & fragmented pieces of One's Self resulting from many different levels of trauma.  This often manifests in heightened anxiety, depression, addictions, mental health issues and exhaustion.  We work together, to create a greater sense of peace & wholeness within as we embrace our true selves while releasing old burdens.  Hugs <3
Deb is a real angel. Wow where do I begin! Every session we have together I integrate a part of my soul, my essence, and I’m reminded of my power. The first session we had together, I integrated my child aspect again. I was able to release years or trauma and open up my crown chakra with grace and ease. She’s helped me release and heal parts of me I had forgotten. I’m able to play! To create! To share. To simply be. And simultaneously she’s reminding me of the existence of angels, the higher realms. She provides reassurance. She holds the space in such a profound way. Deb has a special way of tuning in, and knowing exactly the message and healing you need in that moment. I look forward to many more sessions Deb! A’ho!
Delmar Uqualla
Reiki Healing: Take charge of your health & well being.  Reiki is a Japanese technique of natural healing that activates, balances & increases the life force within us by accessing our own natural ability to absorb positive energy to help the body to heal itself.  A Reiki session allows your body to heal, find balance, & to find an increased sense of peace.
Deb is an amazing healer! Just being in her presence you know you are blessed! She has this all-knowing confidence about her that makes you want to learn and heal more.  Heather Coster
Past-Life Regression: Who was I? What did I learn from that life?  Which lessons should I learn in this life?  What challenges have been recurring with my soul throughout my soul’s existence?
Chakra Cleansing & Balancing: Feeling off balance?  Feeling weighed down?  There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. Each chakra is located throughout our body as it correlates to specific physical ailments; each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths.

"My healing with Deb was absolutely wonderful. I was not well after my surgery and had a lot of sadness built up and I felt very confused. During our time together I felt fully supported as we journey through my issues. Deb offers kindness, patience and is very understanding as she gives Spirit's messages. My Chakras we're aligned, replenished and after the session I felt a lot of sadness leave and had more clarity and how to move forward. Thank you Deb for ALL You Do!"

Lisa Jo Davies

Soul Retrieval Ceremony:  Feeling like a part of your Soul if Missing?  Exhausting yourself trying to put the pieces together?  During different traumatic points in our lives, a portion of our soul may split off in order to help us deal with the current trauma.  To experience a Soul Retrieval is to experience a powerful homecoming.
Vision Quest: A Shamanic Journey is a guided narrative in a meditative state of consciousness where you can regain balance by creating pathways to self-healing, self-knowledge & self-growth. As a Shaman, I assist you by sending our consciousness into the Spirit world to connect, retrieve, heal, restore and energize. Shamanism is the oldest Spiritual Practice in the World.
I had a lovely Vision Quest with Feather the other day. We went to Hawaii with the volcano erupting, although I was safe on another island. The pure imagery that she shares with me made me feel like I was there. She dove into my feelings and thoughts...pure magical experience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to step outside their comfort zone and go on a journey. 💕 Sarah Koeler

I just had a Vision Quest session with Deb. Wow! It was powerful. But it was also amazingly beautiful and rich, filled with images and sounds, messages and healings. There were so many levels and layers that were accessed during the Vision Quest that I felt this huge expansion and calmness afterwards, like an further anchoring into the core of who I truly am. Afterwards, Deb was generous spending time speaking with me and sharing her deep wisdom and knowledge about the journey we took together, helping me to process and integrate. There is a deep truth to her work. I am in awe. Deb, you indeed are a Sacred Soul Messenger. Thank you!  Pamela Strum

Sacred Soul Chakra Attunement: Desire to be able to connect with Spirit on a deeper Sacred Level?  Receiving a Sacred Soul Chakra Alignment deepens one’s ability to heal others and themselves.  I was gifted the ability by Spirit to offer this attunement to you.
Sacred Soul Alignments: Sacred Soul Alignment™ is a powerful Healing Modality that releases lifetimes of negative beliefs, vows & contracts from this lifetime and every other lifetime and timeline, bringing healing, manifestation and creation at the highest level that will lead to lasting transformations and transcendence…allowing you to achieve divine inner alignment.
Akashic Record Reading & Healing: The Akashic Records contains the wisdom gained by your soul through all of its existence. It’s available to support you on your journey now.  Akashic clearing enables a process of depth because you clear away what stands in your way.

"I am so very grateful to Deb for the Akashic reading she facilitated for me. Right from the moment she said hello I felt safe and Angelically supported. Deb grounded me and met me where I was and virtually held my hand as she prepared me to enter my records. Once there, I felt safe and held in love. With Deb's beautiful and loving approach and guidance I navigated my records; I felt comforted, reassured and validated. Deb channeled additional information and insights from my Guides to help me understand those facets I could not. Thank you, dear Deb, so much. I am so grateful and happy!"

Alison Rodriguez

Deb is AMAZING!!! She gifted me with an Akashic walk through. My current situation is not a positive one, as I’m having work issues, but with Deb’s guidance from the akashic files and her gift to hear from ours and her guides has helped me unravel some of my biggest questions. 

Deb also did not stop with just the files either. She also provided me with positive energy, insight and encouragement to be strong and bold. It has been a blessing to have her come into my life. Especially, when I needed it most. She has a true gift of hearing guides and translating them to us in a frequency we can understand. It has been such an honor to have her come into my life during such a confusing time. 

If you are not hearing your guides, having confusion, or just need some honest feedback...I HIGHLY recommend asking Deb for guidance to help hone in the confusion. 

She is an amazing woman with a true gift that helped me and can help you as well! 

Love, light and peace! ❤️✨❤️✨Melanie King

Channeling ~ Proof of Survival:  Have you always wanted to connect with a loved one who has passed on?  I have the ability to connect with those who have passed over.  We connect over Zoom/Messenger Live with the intent to connect with your loved one.  I've been able to help connect people with their adult children, parents, grandparents ~ you never know who is waiting to connect with you!
Honestly, I was skeptical when I set up a session with Deb and thought of it as just something interesting to try. Well I was pleasantly surprised! I had lost my youngest son Jack, age 29, a couple of years earlier. He had gone for a walk and just never came back. He was missing for 5 months before partial remains were found in a local river. Two years had passed and we still had no idea what had happened to him. Deb was able to connect to Jack and my other son Jeramy that we lost just a year later to suicide. It was fascinating, I could tell that she was truly connected to each one by the things she said, and how she said them. She was able to tell me that Jack had been killed, and how. Her connecting to them and hearing that they were happy and content was life altering. It really helped me to let go of some of my grief. Deb is a very warm caring spirit, and I am truly thankful that she came into my life, when she did.  Melody Wood Stafford
Deb DeWilde has the ability to provide comfort and healing to individuals going through very dark and difficult times. During our session, Deb was able to answer questions and provide me with the closure and clarity I needed to continue to push forward from immense grief.  Deb is an advocate for the individuals that she works with. She has the ability to provide comfort and healing through her unique ability to communicate and connect with loved ones that we have lost. I felt that Deb was able to easily connect with my loved one and allowed me to express my emotions, while also creating a safe place for me to express my grief. This experience has been a pivotal step in my healing journey and I am beyond grateful.  Kelly Anne
Crystal Healing:  I have worked with & studied crystals for over 20 years.  I love to work with crystals to enhance healing, create energy grids & to work with the different healing properties of crystals as part of your healing "team".
Shamanic Teachings/Mentorship:  Always wanted to study Shamanism?  Wondered about the different teachings?  Let's connect & chat. 
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