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Divine Tool

Divine Tool

A custom created smudging fan becomes an extension of you which ultimately is your divine tool.


It is for you to use in ceremony, daily practice, empower you, and connect you with the Creator. It strengthens your bond with nature, spirit, and the Divine. It's amazing how Deb is able to channel, with your permission, to utilize the different sacred medicines that Gaia offers including tree medicine, animal totem medicine, and water medicine.


Step into your light with your Divine tool.


Divine Tool includes:

  • Customized One of a Kind Smudging Fan 10-17" in length
  • Choice of base ~ crystal, antler, driftwood OR leave it up to Deb & Spirit!
  • Medium weight
  • Each beautiful feather, feather placement, crystal & crystal placement is directed by your Spirit Guides (with your permission)
  • Spirit Infused & birthed through a Drumming Ceremony under the new or full moon
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