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"Deb is AMAZING!! It’s been such an honor for her to come into my life. I have been have issues in my life and had many questions on how to handle to some of these situations. Deb opened my Akashic files and walked me through the process on how it works. I will say it was a blessing to have my deep seeded questions answers.
At the time of our meeting, I was very frustrated and sad.  She uplifted my spirits and guided me with options on how to approach these situations. She also gave me the names of my spirit guides so I can talk to them by their names. Do I recommend Deb? Absolutely..,100% She can guide you through life by so many different methods. Deb can also assess you as a person and bring forth the ability to calm one’s spirit. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life. I'm filled with much gratitude to her."

Melanie King

"Deb presented to me the most beautiful soul reading.
Jesus, Angels, and my beloved grandmother could be felt surrounding me with love.
There is no doubt about Deb's connection, and psychic gifts as well.

Book today, it's worth it!

She walks in love, and it shows."

Jamie Joi Crystal

"I am a father of two adult daughters, both of my daughters suffer from anxiety and mental illness.

Deb has worked with me to help me find who I am supposed to be. I'm in the midst of being a supporting husband, father, and friend. I have somewhat lost myself.

I cannot type enough words to describe what Deb has done for me. Suffice to say my life has changed for the better since she entered my life.

I look forward to exploring my inner self with her guidance to become the person I was put on this earth to be."

Bill Guiney re: Mentorship

"It's been a few days since I gathered up the courage to invest in a Vision Quest and Clearing Session with Deb. She had answered many questions prior and we both knew I needed more.
The guided quest was quite surreal and very beautiful. It taught me to accept my strengths, trust my wings, and to listen to the shuttle guidance always - there within. There is no greater gift!
Sometimes we just NEED a little boost in Confidence and Assurance that all is Well to Help us See our Way more Clearly.
Deb was great before, during and has been so helpful and wonderful since the journey with my questions. I consider her a new and dear life friend. I look forward to my own Feather Fan Smudging session and Akashic Records reading."

Ruby Lamoureux

"I had the absolute pleasure of going on a vision quest with feather blessings, and I must say it was a completely wonderful experience like nothing I have ever had. You feel so comfortable from the beginning and totally immersed in the journey. My journey was wonderful and I was allowed the time and space to feel, receive and release during my journey. The universe showed many signs throughout my journey, like a breeze or various birds outside my home. The release was so powerful and I saw some almost immediate changes in my reality the following day. These sessions are so powerful. Do yourself a favour and get one today!"

Jenn Smith

"I had my first shamanic vision quest with Feather today, and it was incredible! It validated the messages my soul has been sending me and reinforced I know what the next step on my soul’s journey is and I can trust myself. I released my self doubt and lack of worthiness. And I received two powerful symbols that totally resonated with me. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
This was an amazing first journey into vision quests and makes me eager to experience another."

Eleanor Hackett Pac

"I love my custom feather fan. It is really beautiful and I love how I can feel how aligned it is to my energy and my purpose. The messages were very much exactly what I needed to hear as well and Deb is very good at what she does."

Dana Kalin Narayapanna of Wealthy Entrepreneurs

"Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and Shamanic Journey session with me today - it was beautiful, peaceful and safe energy to allow myself to relax and connect with spirit - receive my messages and gifts and share with a like minded soul. I am honored to have found a new friend and colleague in the healing field. Looking forward to collaborating and journeying together soon. Much love and light."

Kim Hutt

"The smudging fan I received from Feather is just so gorgeous and exudes the energy of grounded love. The whole experience is something I would recommend, and I know you’ll find working with Feather a joy when you get your custom creation!"

Tanya Tinney

"I absolutely loved my smudge fan. The feathers were beautiful. The piece had some parts that were exclusive to me and my own style, path, and journey. It also had some welcomed additions that I’m sure will show themselves at the right time. I’ve had my smudge fan for a few months. It works as intended and it’s gorgeous to look at and enjoy. If you are thinking about getting one, I strongly suggest getting a customized one. You will be happy you did."

Catherine Navarro

"I'm so happy with the smudging fans Feather made for me and my son! They are absolutely beautiful. As soon as I received mine, I didn't want to put it down. It's a perfect energetic balance for me, and a beautiful addition to my ceremonies. It feels so nice in my hand. My five year old son loves his too! As soon as he received it, he put it next to his bed, to sleep with him. He even helps me smudge the house and brings it to ceremonies!"

Mindy West Owner & Founder of Mindy West

"I received a Sacred Soul Reading from Deb late last year - it was a truly wonderful and special experience. Feather is so kind, empathetic and professional; she took the time to explain things, allowed me to have time for questions, she was right on all she said and even sent me beautiful images from my reading to inspire and meditate on. Thank you dear Deb."

Corrie King

"What a wonderful Akashic Records reading I had last week with Deb! Her gentleness allowed our session to just flow. She led me to some powerful insights and helped me to view my concerns with a new perspective! Book with this gifted lady!"

Dina Radna Wadding

"I am so very grateful to Deb for the Akashic reading she facilitated for me. Right from the moment she said hello I felt safe and Angelically supported. Deb grounded me and met me where I was and virtually held my hand as she prepared me to enter my records. Once there, I felt safe and held in love. With Deb's beautiful and loving approach and guidance I navigated my records; I felt comforted, reassured and validated. Deb channeled additional information and insights from my Guides to help me understand those facets I could not. Thank you, dear Deb, so much. I am so grateful and happy!"

Alison Rodriguez

"My healing with Deb was absolutely wonderful. I was not well after my surgery and had a lot of sadness built up and I felt very confused. During our time together I felt fully supported as we journey through my issues. Deb offers kindness, patience and is very understanding as she gives Spirit's messages. My Chakras we're aligned, replenished and after the session I felt a lot of sadness leave and had more clarity and how to move forward. Thank you Deb for ALL You Do!"

Lisa Jo Davis

“A little backstory before I rave about Deb’s ability to serve you exactly as you need! My son has a history of anxiety and one night I joined in on his chaos. It ended in both of us being in crisis. After reaching out to a group on Facebook Deb reached out to me to jump on a call right then and there. Although I was asking for a reading from spirit, Deb was led to support my son and I in a way that I will forever be grateful for. 

She was able to stop my anxiety in its tracks by calming me through breathwork, and energetic grounding and connecting. She held my son in a protecting and loving cocoon. Once my son and I were cared for she facilitated a call that gave me a plan of action to implement that night. My son had a beautiful night sleep and woke up in a much calmer energy. In the days following Deb’s attentive care in her follow ups inspired me to keep going and continue the work we started on that call, and made me feel seen, heard and loved. 

She truly has a gift that needs to be experienced by all!

Thank you Deb for all that you have done for me! I am forever grateful!"

Lauren Korthy

"I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful soul making work, your patience and encouragement. It’s truly more than I could have imagined.  The little extras were thoughtful.
Thank you ~ massive appreciation to you."

Shelly Meyers re: One of a King Smudge Fan

"Deb’s energy is gentle, loving  supportive. She walks you through each step.  Relaxed but powerful session. Highly recommend!!"

Julia Maria re: Shamanic Vision Quest

"I had an amazing Shamanic Journey with Deb. You will love it!!"

Lisa Jo Davis of Healing Light with Lisa Jo

"I want to thank Deb, from my heart for the beautiful session. Shamanic work, support, love and prayers. Your work was incredibly healing and validating. I appreciate your positive and uplifting energy and your high integrity level. You are a talented and amazing healer. Thank you so much. <3  I highly recommend Deb’s services!"

Jeannie Helton-Vos of Animal Communication

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