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Sacred Soul Alignments

Sacred Soul Alignment™ is a powerful Healing Modality that releases lifetimes of negative beliefs, vows & contracts from this lifetime and every other lifetime and timeline, bringing healing, manifestation and creation at the highest level that will lead to lasting transformations and transcendence…allowing you to achieve divine inner alignment.


These Alignments:


  • Clear entities and negative energies through lifetimes

  • Dissolve limiting beliefs and replace them with positive, empowering beliefs

  • Resolve outdated and unnecessary oaths vows, contracts and agreements that are blocking you or your clients from creating desires, while keeping the lessons learned from them.

  • Clear negative emotions that are stuck in your DNA, cells, cellular memory, chakras and nervous system.


Sacred Soul Alignments™ will align your vibration, your cells, your DNA and your energy field, to match the energies of that particular alignment. These are all qualities and cellular natures that already exist in each of us, but these alignments help to awaken them and raise our vibrations so that we are able to accept them. Along with awakening these qualities and raising our vibrations, the Sacred Soul Alignments™ are also clearing out the beliefs, patterns, emotions and trauma that is in the way, sometimes thousands of beliefs per alignment are being cleared. This clears across all lifetimes, timelines and dimensions.

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Sacred Soul Alignments

1 Hour.


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