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Soul Teaching with Deb DeWilde

Have you always wanted to work with me, but cost was an issue?  I’m now offering a unique opportunity to participate in my

Soul Teachings Community.

Soul Teachings is a Sacred & Safe Space to Explore the following:

-Spirituality vs. Organized Religion

-Healing Within 

-Creating Alignment that produces results

-Anxiety, Depression & Trauma

-Grief Work

-Healing the Inner Child

-Clearing Old Beliefs & Patterns

-Meeting & Working with your Higher Self 

-Developing a Heightened Intuition 

-Personal & Spiritual Empowerment

-Healing on a Soul Level

Each week I will be offering different opportunities to explore:


-healing on a spiritual, emotional & physical level

-Sound Healing

-Answers within our Akashic Records

-Group Vision Quests

-Guided meditations

-Soul Talk

-Shamanic Teachings

-Reiki Teachings 

-Opening our 3rd Eye

-Learning about and working with different Angels

-Crystal Magic

-Animal Energy & Teachings

-Working with Gaia/Mother Earth

-How to Smudge & it’s benefits

-Organic Plant Medicine 

-How to be Present in Life & its benefits

-The benefits of Grounding & multiple ways to ground

 -Exploring the Collective Consciousness & how to

disconnect from it

And much, much more!

Receive discounts on: 

-Individual sessions

-Monthly Mentorships

-Crystal Offerings

-Smudge Offers


All for the Investment of $88 monthly via Paypal



*Be the first to know about any new offerings*

Meet Deb DeWilde


Reiki Master

Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner

Advanced Akashic Records Facilitator

TIME Heals Facilitator

Retired Clinician of 32 Years 

LGBTQ Friendly

Individual Counselling

Couples Counselling

Expertise in Grief, Inner Child Work and PTSD

All for the Investment of $88 monthly via Paypal



Pay for 3 months in advance:  Free Soul Reading ($144 Value)

Pay for 6 months in advance: Free Inner Child Healing ($222 Value)

Pay for 12 months in advance: Free Past Life Regression ($425 Value)

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