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*Do you struggle with Father's Day?

I've been struggling most of the week. Although I appreciate my father was a product of his environment, however, I know he made conscious choices to be the man he became. He was abusive & cruel. Flashbacks still run in my mind.


In the end, he took his own life. Another bittersweet blow.


Being a survivor of suicide at a time when it was taboo to talk about it became another debilitating secret.


*I have worked through a great deal of this for many decades.


Somehow this week caught me off guard. I had this most incredible healing today. Releasing old ties, societal expectations of who my father should've been & stepping back in my power.

I share this as I can't be the only one who doesn't feel joy for what this weekend represents.


*Do You Need Help with Releasing Some Pain?


*I have two offers!


1. I sell crystals & crystal grids to help raise vibration, release pain & bring peace. Each will be intuitively picked and programmed to your personal needs.


2. I am offering a dedicated healing session to help identify, lift, heal & release ~ anything surrounding your feelings of abuse, abandonment, societal expectations or childhood memories that haunt you.


*Let's break through this together!!!!!!


I understand & I am here for you!!!

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