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3 Month Vision Quest Series

Experience a shamanic sacred ceremony that facilitates spiritual healing and clarity in a traditional vision quest. Shamanic journeying is an incredible tool that can heal your wounds and increase the flickering light of your energy to shine brightly.


Deb DeWilde ~ Shamanic Journeys

Vision Quest Sessions

Session # 1

Cleansing & Rejuvenation of the Spirit

We begin the initial journey through the power of drumming. I will work with your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and teachers to establish your Sacred space. We will be cleared & cleansed. You will experience an initial release of the burdens you have been holding on. Some will dissipate immediately, others we will continue to address during each subsequent session.

Session # 2

Meeting Your Soul Team

Within the second Vision Quest, you are much more comfortable going back into your Sacred Space. As we deepen within your journey, your senses become heightened, and your fears begin to diminish on a deeper level. Your Spirit community will come closer and a few will step forward. Welcome to your Soul Team. You will receive a gift from Spirit and which often leads to a profound “aha” moment. The drumming ceremony will help you attune the gift with your soul.

Session # 3

Experience Exhilaration

We journey into a new sacred space - one filled with beautiful light rays. Your ability to let go of the fears increases, experience a greater level of forgiveness of others and of oneself as a deeper knowing of being safe is achieved. With the fears lifting on the deeper level paired with healing at a soul level, we begin to explore the opportunities waiting for you to explore.

Session # 4

Mapping With Clarity

Create a Vision Board pulling together all of the facets of the journey to date. We explore what may be inhibiting your success, what assists you in ensuring your dreams become reality and how to utilize the tool your Soul Team gifted you. We go back into your Sacred Space for an attunement as gifted to you by Spirit.

Session # 5


We have created a vision, we have obtained our Sacred Tool from Spirit - we discuss how you move forward. We go back into meditation to the Sacred Temple. You connect with loved ones who have passed over. What do you see? Who is there? The gift of healing continues on its deepest level. A profound cleansing occurs.

Session # 6

The Final Vision Quest

You’ve been on an incredible journey. This session is about reflection, releasing of any residual doubts, and inventory of all the successes. The final Vision Quest is facilitated with light, love, and blessings.

3 Month Vision Quest Journey

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43Month Vision Quest Journey

6 Sessions plus 2 bonus Drumming Sessions if paid in full making this offer a 4 Month VQ Journey!!

1.5 Hours Per Session.

$2499 or 4 x $749

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