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Do you need guidance?


Are you having trouble with Childhood Trauma?  Are you holding on too tight?
Need to someone to channel Spirit or passed Loved Ones?  Do you feel stuck in life?

Feel like you don’t belong?  Struggling getting to the next level of life?

Hello ~ I am a Shamanic Healer, Mentor, Reiki Master, Akashic Record Facilitator and Channeler.
I offer Mentorships ~ short or long term, Healing, Release of Deep Traumatic Concerns, Anxiety, Depression, Compulsive thoughts, Vision Quests, Past-Life Regressions, Akashic Records access & healing.

My job is to help you facilitate the healing needed for you to make a positive and lasting shift in your life.

Sacred Soul Reading

A Soul Reading is a powerful tool to help you understand your soul’s purpose, deep desires and sacred truth.  With the support of the Ascended Masters, Angels, Teachers & Loved Ones, we exam what your soul is trying to tell you at your core.

1 hr - $234

Healing The Child Within

So many of us walk around with our "Inner Child" that has wounded & fragmented pieces of One's Self resulting from many different levels of trauma.  This often manifests in heightened anxiety, depression, addictions, mental health issues and exhaustion.  We work together, to create a greater sense of peace & wholeness within as we embrace our true selves while releasing old burdens.  Hugs <3

1 hr - $234


Take charge of your health & well being.  Reiki is a Japanese technique of natural healing that activates, balances & increases the life force within us by accessing our own natural ability to absorb positive energy to help the body to heal itself.  A Reiki session allows your body to heal, find balance, & to find an increased sense of peace.

1 hr - $189

Past Life Regression

Who was I? What did I learn from that life?  Which lessons should I learn in this life?  What challenges have been recurring with my soul throughout my soul’s existence?

1.5 hrs - $499

Chakra Cleansing

Feeling off balance?  Feeling weighed down?  There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. Each chakra is located throughout our body as it correlates to specific physical ailments; each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths.

1 hr - $189

Soul Retrieval Ceremony

Feeling like a part of your Soul if Missing?  Exhausting yourself trying to put the pieces together?  During different traumatic points in our lives, a portion of our soul may split off in order to help us deal with the current trauma.  To experience a Soul Retrieval is to experience a powerful homecoming.

1.5 hrs - $499

Smudging Fan

Love to Smudge or Clear?  Want to experience the power of your essence in the form of a Smudging Fan?  I have the profound ability to create your Divine Tool ~ Your Blessed, One of a Kind Smudging Fan.


Vision Quest 


A Shamanic Journey is a guided narrative in a meditative state of consciousness where you can regain balance by creating pathways to self-healing, self-knowledge & self-growth. As a Shaman, I assist you by sending our consciousness into the Spirit world to connect, retrieve, heal, restore and energize. Shamanism is the oldest Spiritual Practice in the World.

1.5 hours $499

3 Month Vision Quest

Looking for profound Spiritual Guidance & Healing?

This Vision Quest is a 3 month journey includes 6 intensive sessions that help facilitate healing at a deeper level.  Below you will find the titles for each of the sessions for this program.   Unfortunately this system gives me limited space to elaborate on each title.  Please send me a message if you want to know more information & I will send you the full program.
$2499 or 4 x $749

6 1.5 hr sessions - $2499

BONUS of 2 Special Drumming Sessions if paid in full!

Sacred Soul Chakra


Desire to be able to connect with Spirit on a deeper Sacred Level?  Receiving a Sacred Soul Chakra Alignment deepens one’s ability to heal others and themselves.  I was gifted the ability by Spirit to offer this attunement to you.

1 hr - $289

Sacred Soul Alignments

Sacred Soul Alignment™ is a powerful Healing Modality that releases lifetimes of negative beliefs, vows & contracts from this lifetime and every other lifetime and timeline, bringing healing, manifestation and creation at the highest level that will lead to lasting transformations and transcendence…allowing you to achieve divine inner alignment.

1 hr - $289


Struggling in life? Can’t get a hold of your anxiety, moods or depression?  Need a higher level of support?  Feeling lost?  Struggling day to day?  Sometimes hour by hour?  I hold tailored mentorships to assist you in stepping out of being stuck, assisting with improved coping mechanisms and a fresh perspective.

4 x 1 hr meetings

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records contains the wisdom gained by your soul through all of its existence. It’s available to support you on your journey now.  Akashic clearing enables a process of depth because you clear away what stands in your way.

1 hr $289

Pick Three

Would you like to experience a few difference sessions but not pay full price?  Chose our Pick 3 Option!
Picking three gives you the opportunity to either go very deep by experiencing three consecutive sessions of one type of offering or enjoy a package of three different offerings.  It's up to you!

3 x 1.5 hours

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