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Have you always wondered what it's like to work with a Shaman?
Wondered what it was like to journey to different worlds?
Have you been called to Heal?

Each month we will explore a different piece of Spirituality & Shamanism totalling 12 months in all.  Receive your wisdom, gifts & abilities through this process.  Each session is a 1-1 unique healing between you & Deb.  

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Click this image or scroll down to get a more in depth description of each topic!

This Individual Program is tailored to your unique needs & learning styles. With each month of this journey ~ you will experience yourself at multiple spiritual levels while learning how to Shamanic Journey while experiencing journeying, Working in the light, Removal Negative Energies & so much more!

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Each month we will meet individually for your personal journeys which each session is between 60-90 mins depending on your needs.

You will be added to the private Facebook group created for you and all our participants to connect to share your experiences, obtain support & experience different group teachings offered including: What is the Soul made of? How to Develop relationships with Spirit Guides, Familial Conditioning & it’s effects on the Human Spirit, Smudging Practices, Sacred Tools & their Meanings, Purposes & Benefits of doing Shamanic Journeys, etc.

The Value of the Individualized Program + support group is $7,700….


  • The pay in full price is $2222 

  • A payment plan is available for $222 per month

The Pay in Full Bonus is an Intuitively designed crystal grid valued @ $222 to be received in month 3 of the program. 

Each participant will be able to purchase a Commissioned
One of a Kind Smudging Fan for 50% off during the program.

All participants will receive a Certificate once the program is completed!


As someone with Indigenous Heritage, I have developed the Sacred Skills of my Ancestors.  I have great passion about what exists beyond the black & white of our society.  I believe in the Creator & Mother Earth.  I believe in the magic of the Great Spirit & our ability to journey to different worlds ~ like a Gateway to the Spirit Realm.  
Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition.

Sacred Year of Shaman Descriptions


Soul Reading

It's important that we start by completing an energy scan so that you are cleared of any negative energy, other people's judgement and family conditioning. This will help us identify any challenges, remove all attachments, cleanse & balance your chakras.  


We talk about what is at the core of your Soul so that we can understand what your soul is trying to tell you.


A Soul Reading helps us to know who and what we are at a soul level. Our soul is that part of us which “knows” who we truly are. It is the part of us who unconditionally loves and adores us – who always sees the good and true within us. It is the stillness within.



Reconnecting With Your Higher Self


Reconnecting with your Higher Self, is a healing, unique way of connecting with who you are at your core.  You are not bound by any earthy conditioning.  Often, one forgets who they are at their foundation, without the burdens, lessons, pain etc. You will feel the love again while releasing old patterns, bringing back your sense of joy & understanding you were prior to coming here to earth. 

Your will discover that your Higher Self has unconditional love, is wise and is waiting for you to connect & remind you of who you truly are.



Meet Your Power Animals

Have you ever felt a strong connection to animals? these could be your power animals.


Power animals are Spirit Guides, teachers & messengers in animal form.  In Shamanism, we use our power animals to guide us through life’s challenges, transitions & spiritual communication.  


Each Power Animal comes with it’s own Spiritual wisdom & strength to pull from & you will discover the strengths, qualities & skills you share with your personal power animal.


Spiritual Guides, associated with your animal totems, can assist you in accelerating your healing powers & healing potential.  

Soul Healing & Chakra Balancing

There are 7 main Chakra points from the base of your spine to the energy space above your head called the crown. A Chakra is a spinning wheel of an energy center within your body. Each Chakra holds spiritual power and can be influenced by the energies of our daily living.  When your chakras are clean and spinning in the correct direction and rate there is a clarity that happens. It freedom.


Chakra balancing 


Your auric field and chakras will be aligned and balanced by the Healers; therefore, removing blocks and layers of emotional build up. Shamanism, blended with chakra balancing, gives the recipient a clearer tool set to be able to resolve, dissipate, and heal all that held within the energy centers/wheels. It is easier to step into your own light when you are not affected by others moods, emotions, or expectations.



Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression is a method for accessing & experiencing your Past Life memories. Past-life recall comes from long-term memory banks that are stored within the subconscious and the universal consciousness. I perform a drum ceremony to facilitate a deep level of meditation using feather drums. Spirit lifts the veil in a safe & loving journey that allows insight. Past life connections at a soul level may be used to help you understand the why behind each blockage, fear, or medical issue. With each journey you may find strength, understanding & insight into this lifetime which facilitates healing & growth within ourselves & our relationships.



Vision Quest 


In Native American tradition, the Shaman drums to facilitate a deep level meditation.  This is called a Vision Quest. 

As a Shaman, I never know where we are going to go on the journey. I am gifted to be able to see where Spirit takes us as I guide you through each step.

Meet your ancestors, receive healing and love.  You may receive answers to pressing questions.

It’s an incredible honor to be able to hold space and facilitate the journey with you.

We meet virtually and you will receive a recording of your journey.

I just had a Vision Quest session with Deb. Wow! It was powerful. But it was also amazingly beautiful and rich, filled with images and sounds, messages and healings. There were so many levels and layers that were accessed during the Vision Quest that I felt this huge expansion and calmness afterwards, like an further anchoring into the core of who I truly am. Afterwards, Deb was generous spending time speaking with me and sharing her deep wisdom and knowledge about the journey we took together, helping me to process and integrate. There is a deep truth to her work. I am in awe. Deb, you indeed are a Sacred Soul Messenger. Thank you!  

Pamela Strum-

Akashic Records


The Akashic records or the "Book of Life" is a collection of each of your soul’s journey & lifetimes.  As an advanced reader, Deb can, with permission, access your akashic records that contains every thought, feeling & experience your Soul has journeyed through.  


Often there are deep questions that people hold & don’t understand in this lifetime.  With access to your records, we can unlock your soul's journey through each of its lifetimes so that we can understand generational curses, ties, bonds, or why something is happening or has happened in this lifetime.


It aids us in cutting old belief systems that hold us back ~ generational curses, ties, bonds etc.  


Shape Shifting during Lion’s Gate Portal 


Shape Shifting is a beautiful skill set in order to take the form (a.k.a. shape) of either an animal or superhuman.  It’s a powerful expression of love, symmetry & freedom.  It enables you to step into someone or something else and feel their persona and experience their abilities and essence.  


The Lion’s Gate portal is an energetic opportunity  that occurs once a year in August.

It’s best known for the place in time where both the moon & the stars aline bringing in abundance of high vibrational energy which is sent to the earth & we connect with.  


In Shamanism, the Lion's Gate allows us to heal within the portal. This opportunity gives us the experience to connect with those of our soul family on the other side of the veil, separate our souls from the universal energy, and heal any separation of consciousness. This unique experience allows you to repair and reconnect your soul. 


Inner Child Session


Your Inner Child is a piece of you that was able to witness & be a part of all that occurred in your subconscious as a young child. He/she has held all of those memories, fear, pain, joy & comfort depending on your experience.  


So many of us walk around with our “Inner Child” who is wounded & fragmented pieces of themselves.  We work together with Spirit, we access that child from an observer's perspective.  In other words, as we access that younger part of you, you will witness what happened, without being subjected to the pain that was caused at the time.


You will be safe, comforted & recall what has kept you from enjoying particular pieces of your life.  


We work together with Spirit to create a greater sense of peace and wholeness.



Soul Retrieval 


It is believed that whenever we suffer an emotional or physical trauma, a part of our soul flees the body in order to survive the experience. Soul loss helps us survive the trauma, no matter how it occurred. The journey begins with drumming to invite your sacred community in to help you retrieve & heal those pieces of your soul. My role, as a shaman, is to go into an altered state of consciousness and call in the broken bits and pieces of your soul and return them to you so that your soul becomes whole again. We invite peace and connectivity with your soul & vitality.


The experience of calling in all the pieces that have been shattered during a stressful time in your life is like nothing else I’ve experienced. That is why I offer this beautiful healing. Feel those missing pieces come back and integrate ~ to a place where you become whole again.



Sacred Soul Attunement


The gifts you receive during this attunement will assist you in recognizing source, beyond any physical ideology of Spirit. I have has been gifted with this Attunement through Source. It is a powerful Soul alignment birthed through your Soul Chakra. The gifts you receive during this Attunement will assist you in recognizing source, beyond any physical ideology of Spirit. You will learn to separate fact from fiction, increase your intuition, and how to call on your spirit guides. 


Fire Ceremony & Closure  


Within a fire ceremony, you honor your teachings with each of the four directions ~ Earth, Wind, Fire  & Water.  We go into a deep meditation, meet with the fire keeper & release all that no longer serves you.  


Your lessons & old belief structures get written down & placed into the fire, and are transmuted by the flame to Source.


Your Ancestors, Teachers, Guides & Loved ones on the other side join you at the table to celebrate, honor you & heal with you.  It is where we let go of any and all old belief systems & rejoice beyond the veil with Your Unique Soul Family.  

If you've experienced trauma of any kind, this process will help facilitate healing for anyone who has experienced trauma, abuse, or wrong doing. This process will free you of all those ties, illnesses, and hardships. Within your soul, you are free.

Sacred Year of Shaman Descriptios


"It’s been a privilege to work with Deb. She is an incredible spiritual badass!! Like the Divine Mother and AA Michael all wrapped up in one!! She is wise, very patient and deeply empathetic. She is loving and compassionate. It shows in Her unhurried approach, giving you the time that you need, never rushing through sessions. She creates a safe space to share your unfiltered trauma and to heal.

Working with Deb brought me profound healing and also a special friendship. (She still checks in with me). I’ve been set free from unhealthy karmic patterns and past life trauma. I’m able to trust myself deeply and also others. I've experienced energy shifts even in my intimate relationships. My sense of safety has been restored. And broken parts of my soul have been integrated. Wow. It feels so good to be able to say this!!

All through our time together-Deb was always available for guidance and support through messaging and phone. What a blessing!! I’m so thankful for Deb’s presence in my life."

Nicole M-

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