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Do You Need Guidance? 

Hello ~ I am a Shamanic Healer, Mentor, Reiki Master, Akashic Record Facilitator and Channeler. My background is in behavioral counseling, mental health, developmental disabilities, addictions, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, abuse and ultimately, wellness. I work with all ages. 
I offer One to One Mentorships in Release of Deep Traumatic experiences, Anxiety, Depression, Compulsive thoughts, Abuse issues, Daily Stress, & Inner Child Healing. I am able to hold space & provide a Sacred Protective Container with work within for you.
We examine what the root causes of the baggage you carry through:
~ identifying/acknowledging what is sitting at the base of the fear or stress
~raising them to the surface to examine
~heal the trigger
~finally, cut all cords, ties or attachments in order to release & let go of the issue
We take things one step at a time and I meet you where you are at.  With my large arsenal of resources & experience, both as a Retired Clinician, Parent & Spiritualist, I listen to what is needed & walk along beside you to empower you on your journey.  
Are you having trouble with Childhood Trauma?  

Are you holding on too tight?


Do you feel stuck in life?

Do you feel like you don’t belong?  

Are you struggling getting to the next level of life?
Do you have poor self worth?
Are you lost?
I'll help you facilitate the healing needed for you to make a positive and lasting shift in your life.
Click here to apply for Mentorship to see if it's a great fit for you!

"Deb has helped me in my overall sense of wellbeing and my spiritual growth so much! Without her, my world wouldn’t make sense! 

Not only has she helped with my growing spiritual gifts, but has helped keep me calm in times of high stress and anxiety. 

I can’t say enough about her gifts and how much peace-of-mind working with Deb gives me! - Shelli Elkins


Do You Want to Experience Spiritual Healing

a Deeper Connection With Source?

In this mentorship program we deal with the issues within your heart and soul.  We journey through your past life, engaging with who you were, who you are and who you want to be. We identify the source of your challenges, lift them up to be healed and transformed.  

My role is to walk beside you - to empower you, so that you can live your best life.

We take this journey with the support of the Ascended Masters, Angels, Teachers & Loved Ones, examining what your soul is trying to tell you at your core. 

I help you step into your light.  If you would like a free consultation, apply here.

Deb presented to me the most beautiful soul reading.

Jesus, Angels, and my beloved grandmother could be felt surrounding me with love.

There is no doubt about Deb's connection, and psychic gifts as well. Book today, it's worth it!


She walks in love, and it shows.​ - Jamie Joi Crystal

       Offerings during Mentorship

~ Individual Counselling
~ Parent Consultation
~ Crisis Counselling
~ Soul Readings & Clearing
~ Reiki Healing & Teaching
~ TIME Heals
~ Akashic Records Reading, Healing 
~ Sacred Soul Alignments
~ Shape Shifting
~ Channeling
~ Proof of Survival
~ Chakra Balancing
~ Inner Child Sessions
~ Past Life Regressions
~ Vision Quests
~ Native American Teachings
~ Goddess Work
~ Crystal Healing
~ Assistance with the ArchAngels
~ Coming into Alignment
~ Soul Retrieval Ceremonies
~ Animal Communication & Healing
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