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I've always been drawn to Indigenous Culture ~ it wasn't until my adulthood that I discovered I have Native American blood. I received my first Sacred Smudging Fan from a local Pow Wow. I began to use it in my daily healing rituals as well, during the healing sessions I offered to my clients. A friend of mine knew how much I loved feathers and gifted me with an abundance of them! I began creating fans about 15 years ago. Those in my community began to call me the feather lady! People would collect any feathers they found & would gift them to me.


As I've gained experience & Spiritual Gifts, I've worked closely with My Spirit Team to create One of a Kind Smudging Fans in connection with the recipient's Spirit Guides pick each feather, feather placement, crystal, crystal placement & type of handle. Cool things began to happen ~ I would find Spirit Animals in the driftwood, began to channel the purpose of each fan & be able to tell a story with each fan.


Creating the fans has become a labor of love <3.



A smudging fan is a sacred, spiritual tool used to for cleansing. The fan is made with one or more feathers bonded together, some smudge fans are left plain while others come with beautiful crystal and bead designs with handles.


The Indigenous people of Native America believe that birds are sacred animals that have great connections to the spiritual realm and the Creator. Birds like eagles and hawks are believed to be connected with the Creator due to their ability to soar high in the air. Peacocks are also believed to represent Mother Earth.


Above all birds play significant roles in our lives, they are the first to sing their songs and usher us into a new day, making their feathers the right channel for connecting with the spiritual realm.



A custom smudge fan is a Divine Tool created by a Shaman with the help of Spirit Guides through a Shamanic Drumming Ceremony specifically for a person using the person's energy and higher spirits.


The feathers, Crystals, Beads, and Handle to be used for the smudge fan are channeled by the Shaman. The feathers are naturally molted and ethically resourced in other to create a Divine Tool that is holy to a person.


Each fan has its specific day of birth or creation, it is also blessed and comes with its own message and purpose.


With your divine tool, your smudging becomes more personal, sacred, and spiritual to you.



Smudging is a sacred ceremony mostly performed by the indigenous people of Native America and other cultures around the world. The process involves the burning of sacred herbs to cleanse or purify a person or place off negative energy. Smudging is also used to invite positive energy into a person's life or a place.


Smudging involves four elements, the container, the sacred herbs, the fire from lighting the sacred herbs, and the smoke from the herbs.

With the help of the smudging fan or feather, the smoke is drifted around a person or a room to cleanse or purify from negative energy and invite in positive energy.



For a person to smudge, one has to acquire the four elements used for the purification process.

  • The first element is a shell which represents water

  • The second element is the sacred herbs for the cleansing (Tobacco, Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar) representing gifts from Mother Earth

  • The third element is the fire, which will light the sacred elements

  • The fourth element is the smoke from burning the holy herbs, representing air


Place your sacred herb or herbs in the container and light it with a match. Gently blow out the flames to produce the smoke, as the smoke begins to spread use your smudge fan (divine tool) to drift the smoke in the direction of the person being cleansed. The person being cleansed drifts the smoke towards them and inhales gently then wafts the smoke around their body.


The ashes are disposed of directly to the land or Mother Earth and it is believed that the negative energy has been consumed by the ashes and land.

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