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Welcome Beautiful Soul!
Learn more about the custom Divine Feminine Sacred Blessing Box!

Within Indigenous traditions, both Masculine & Feminine Energies are viewed as Spiritual Energies that need to be embraced to be in harmony & balance with both the self & with all of creation.  

Indigenous culture refers to Divine Feminine Energy as Mother Earth.  Our Mother is compassionate, nurtures, is loving, developing & exists in all of the different cycles of life ~ including the moon cycles.  She is also a fierce protector of the sacred creation and seeks balance for life to flourish.  

This Divine Feminine Sacred Blessing Box contains many different tools to assist you in connecting, identifying different layers to fundamental peace & releasing that no longer serves you.  Its purpose is to play, create, release & embrace  your divine  feminine spiritual self.


This Blessing Box includes:

  • Abalone Shell & Mango Wood Tripod

  • Sacred Medicine ~ 2 White Buffalo Sage & 1 Sweetgrass Braid

  • Sacred Matches

  • Hand Crafted Divine Feminine Smudging Fan

  • Blessed Crystals: Rose Quartz heart, Selenite Wand, Citrine point & Apache Tear

  • Rose Gold pen & small pieces of paper

  • Hand Crafted & Blessed Organic Soy Candle

  • Rose Petals & Lavender Buds with bits of Sage Mixture for your Olfactory Senses to place in a bath or whatever pleases you! 

Gift Items from the following Businesses Include:


  • Spoiled Dirty Rotten Cosmetics ~ Hand-crafted organic soap & lip balm

  • Love Cacao ~ 1 oz of Ceremonial Cacao 

  • Etherealanitas ~ Intuitively Created Goddess Oil 

  • Sabrooxels Alchemy ~ Hand-crafted & designed Copper Blessing Heart & Bell 

Smudging Kit ~ Clear, Heal & Empower


Burning sage is a powerful ritual that Indiginous communities have used to clear negative energies for thousands of years.  It is used to improve intuition, purify specific objects, improve mood, reduce stress & anxiety.  This Buffalo Sage is sustainably harvested, carefully picked & hand tied by the Native American women on Sacred land.  Inspire, heal & empower with each burning opportunity ~ to dissipate negative energies & cleanse your aura.

The Abalone shell is a naturally ocean colored vessel with air portals that allow the smoke, vapor, herbs & incense to bring a calmer energy into your life. It is said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion & love.  The Ancestors  used shells to burn sage believing that it would carry their message to heaven. It represents a human connection to the ocean, circle of life and protection on a voyage.


Sweetgrass is burned to promote happiness, used for purification of the Spirit, 

Sweetgrass is picked & hand braided with prayer by the Native American Women on the reserve.  Its sweet aroma reminds people of the gentleness, love, and kindness she has for the people. Connecting us to Indigenous Ancestry, it is said to braid it in three strands, representing mind, body & soul connecting love, kindness & honesty.

Each strand is made up of 7 individual pieces of sweetgrass totaling 21 stands in all.   The seven strands per cord represent the grandfather's teaching of Humility (wolf), Courage (bear), Honesty (sabe or bigfoot), Wisdom (beaver), Truth (turtle), Respect (buffalo), and Love (eagle). Ojibwe Native Americans call it “wiingaashk”, the sweet smelling hair of mother earth.


It is possible for you to incorporate all ancient rituals into your Spiritual Healing Routine with sage, sweetgrass, tobacco or cedar.  


The Mango Wood Tripod, is a sturdy base for all of your spiritual growth.

Hand Crafted Divine Feminine Smudging Fan by Deb DeWilde

Each feather, feather placement, & choice of crystals are all chosen as I work directly with Spirit.  For this fan, peacock wing, peacock eye & ringneck pheasant tail feather are used to create a beautiful feminine balance.  It is wrapped in faux waxed sinew & adorned with three small angel aura tumbles.  


All materials are naturally & ethically sourced.  Once completed, the fan is cleared, cleansed & birthed within a Sacred, birthing Drumming Ceremony.  


The peacock feathers symbolizes balance, beauty, 3rd eye perception, immortality, awakening, self-confidence, spirituality, resurrection & self-love.


The pheasant spirit symbolizes creative power, protection & abundance.


Angel Aura Quartz is known as the Crystal of New Horizons and Divine Connection. It can be used for purifying and balancing all the chakras, integrating the light body into the physical dimension and creating a deep state of meditative awareness grounding the information received from the cosmic realm into the physical body.


Sinew represents strength, power & resilience.  

Blessed & Sacred Crystals


Large Rose Quartz Heart ~ Rose quartz is known as a healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love. It's believed to emit strong vibrations of love, support emotional and relationship healing, inspire compassion, boost feelings of peace and calm.  Rose Quartz is attached to the heart and the throat chakra & communicates all kinds of love and self-care.

Selenite Wand ~ Selenite is a stone of the Divine Feminine energy.  It is known to shift stagnant energy.  It has super cleansing properties.  It is often used as a clearing wand & its ability to bring clarity, purification & positive energy. It is connected with the crown chakra.  

Citrine Point ~ Citrine is used to bring good vibes, raise energy levels, clear out the sacral and solar plexus chakras, and to attract wealth and abundance into your world. 

Apache Tear ~ The Apache tear is very powerful & grounding.  It is helpful in healing grief & trauma as it releases current and/or old wounds that are held in our emotional body from old trauma.  

Each stone is cleared, blessed & infused with Reiki energy.

Rose Gold Pen & Paper

Journaling is a beautiful way to release emotions.  In continuing with our Divine Feminine, please take a few moments to scribe all that you want to release in a few short words.  Use both sides of the paper.  Once you have smudged yourself, call in your Ancestors, Guides, Loved Ones & Angels ~ take a moment to meditate with the intention of releasing all that no longer serves you.  Place each little paper in the fire.  Allow the Sacred Fire to transmute all of your thoughts & desires to Spirit.


BE SAFE ~ Never leave your burning vessel for any reason.  Take caution & use in a safe area.  If any small embers leave your shell, please tend to immediately & smoother them out.  Use at your own risk!


Hand Crafted & Blessed Organic Soy Candle

  • This candle was handcrafted with love & blessings.  

  • It is created with organic Soy wax which burns cleanly with little smoke

  • Both rose petals & lavender are infused into the wax

  • Each candle is poured in a reusable antique juice cup 

  • The candle was infused with Tangerine Essential Oil 

  • The crystals used in the candle are Morganite & Angel Aura small tumbles

  • Morganite is said to be connected with the heart & soul.  It will bring you healing energy, compassion, joy, confidence, inner strength, and unconditional love.

  • Angel Aura Quartz is known as the Crystal of New Horizons and Divine Connection. It can be used for purifying and balancing all the chakras, integrating the light body into the physical dimension and creating a deep state of meditative awareness grounding the information received from the cosmic realm into the physical body.  

Gift Items


Spoiled Dirty Rotten Cosmetics~ Organic Mango Lip Balm & A Hand Crafted Organic Chill Soap Sample.  


Spoiled Dirty Rotten is a luxurious, organic Spa line of Handcrafted, aromatherapy infused skin care products.  We use remedies, rituals & methods reserved only for royalty!  Our All Natural Line is designed for a soothing, daily skin regimen.


Love Cacao 1oz sample 


Artisan Ceremonial Cacao is made by taking the cacao beans, in their whole form, lightly toasting and peeling them, and grinding them into a paste. This preparation method maintains the fat content of cacao and a higher nutrition and flavanol profile.


Cacao ceremonies have been performed for 1000’s of years by the Indigenous tribes of Central America.  Cacao was considered to be the “Food of the Gods”.


Benefits of Cacao:

  • Heart Opener

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • High in Antioxidants

  • Boosts Memory and Concentration

  • Increases Energy Levels 

  • Enhances Creativity

  • Detoxifies the Body

  • Fortifies the Immune System

  • Lowers Blood Pressure 

Etherealanitas ~ Intuitively Created Goddess Oil 


This beautiful Oil has been created & blessed under the past 7 full moons.  


It is based in coconut oil & Egyptian germanian oil, and infused with all natural herbs;  roses, jasmine, lavender & rosemary.  


Crystals included are chips of rose quartz, citrine, pink opalite, clear quartz &  black tourmaline.   


@etherealanitas: IG/FB


And Finally!


Sabrooxels Alchemy ~ Hand-crafted & designed Copper Blessing Heart & Bell 


Each heart was created with love & light.  It was cleansed utilizing a heart chakra crystal bowl!  It is a handcrafted & twisted copper heart with a programmable clear quartz to set your intentions with.  The handle is made from genuine leather for a comfortable hold while meditating, manifesting or however you feel called to use it.


This handcrafted Copper Blessing Heart Bell was made specifically for this 

Sacred Divine Blessing Boxes.


With Gratitude,

Love, Deb

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